Life Insurance

Having life insurance can help reduce the risk of financial hardship, with a payout to help you and your family through the tough times. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting insurance is easy, and more affordable than you may think. We can show you how to protect you and your family, and be prepared for life’s unpredictable events.

Income Protection

Where would you be if you’re off work due to a serious illness or injury? After all, your income supports your family and your lifestyle choices. Without your income, life would be hard financially and personally. It makes sense to insure the income that covers living expenses such as school fees, groceries, holidays, bills and family fun.


When a serious illness strikes, the last thing you need is financial stress. What you do need is to regain good health as quickly as possible, and be able to afford the best treatment you can. Quality of lifestyle is important to hang onto. We can show you how to protect it against major illnesses.

Disability Insurance

Life can throw a curve ball when you least expect it. Suffering a total and a permanent disability from an accident or an injury can leave you devastated both personally and financially. To have financial support to rehabilitate when you need it most, and to maintain a quality of lifestyle are some of the reasons why disability insurance is important.


Super is your money. Make the most of it early so you can plan to live the lifestyle you want at retirement. If you work, your employer has to pay you super. Most people forget about their super because retirement seems so far away, however making the right super fund and investment choice early could mean a better future for you. Don’t delay in getting your super to work for you.


Making the right decisions before your retirement can mean a bigger ‘nest-egg’ for you to enjoy with taxation advantages. You’ve worked hard and your super has worked hard for you too. We can help you make the right choices for a retirement that is enjoyable and tax-effective.

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